Terms of Service

  •  First approach and Commission Info

- If you feel like giving me the honor to draw a picture for you, I'd like you to send me a private message or hit me up on my personal e-mail account (chibikurai2@gmx.at). Public shoutouts and comments are not meant for this type of discussion and will be deleted. 

I remain my right to deny you a commission if there is a good reason for it. Reasons may be a rude or inappropriate attitude, problems with other users/commissions or communication barriers. 

My first language is German, so it might be a little difficult for me to understand some things. If I can't understand a thing you write me, you'll be denied. 


  • The more Info you give me, the better!

- I am a free artist and I love some artistic freedom when it comes to drawing - BUT if you want something in the picture you have to tell me beforehand!

-Whenever I accept a request/commission I doodle a very rough sketch. The most important things are already on there - like piercings, hair length and special props. 

- You will get a low-scale WIP pic of this sketch and I'll give you enough time to tell me some changes you want. 

- You will also get a low-scale WIP of the flat colors to adjust any mistakes on my side. 

- I want your commission to be the thing you wanted and thus i'll have to keep in touch with you for the working process!

If you are not available at this period (vacation or anything else) please say so in advance - then I'll reschedule you.

-Alterations are possible while still in sketch phase, after lining and coloring any big alterations are really time consuming and will result in a changing-fee. f i messed up something I'll change it free of charge.

- I need you to tell me exactly what you want changed! No "do the hair again, i don't like it" - more like a "Can you please remove the bangs? The hair should be all the same length and combed back with some volume."

-if you want something altered for the sake of altering or you demand alterations with blurry instructions how you want it I'll remain my right to add a Altering-Fee of 3-5€ per alteration. 


  •  Payment Time and everything beyond

This is always a serious topic.

I had the best experience with payment after sketch. 

You give me the information needed to make a good rough sketch - I present you this and after some adjustments you pay the amount we agreed on. 

For doodle/sketch commissions I prefer payment upfront.

Pictures for 70€ or above can be payed half/half. 

35€ after the first sketch - 35€ to get the completed piece in high res. 

Payment methods are stated at checkout.

My Prices are to be paid in EUR, If you want to pay me in USD I can give you the corrected amount and will add the transmission fee I have to pay to convert in EUR. 


  •  Refunds

- If my picture does not meet your expectations I'll be more than happy to adjust it for your liking. Together we can figure something out!

- However, If none of my efforts are acceptable to meet your expectations you'll be refunded half the commission price. 

Every piece of work takes hours of my time and love and this is non-refundable. 

- If something happens on my side (for example, a medical or family issue that renders me unable to work on commissions) you have two choices.

You may either wait for the issue to be resolved, or I am happy to offer you a full refund. If you have problems on your side please just let me know, I will work with you! ♥

-Please be calm, reasonable and relaxed if any complications arise, I am sure we can resolve anything together. 


  •  Image Rights

- I reserve the right to use any image I create as I see fit, I retain all rights to the image.

This includes but is not limited to using images in portfolios or examples, posting to my online galleries, or creating / selling prints / products of images. I retain full commercial and distribution rights of any image I produce. 

- HOWEVER! Please let it be known that I will never make a product of your OC or Fursona. I may use them as examples for gallery work or commissions but I will never ever sell them. The characters you create are yours and I will not infringe on your creative rights. If I have any questions I will likely ask you for permission first!

The image or product I create for you is for you to use personally anywhere you like! You are welcome to post it or do anything you would like with it as long as you give credit. Again PERSONAL USE!!


claim it as your own work, use it for any commercial purposes, drastically edit the image without my permission, or alter my signature in any way!! If you have specific questions about this rule please ask.

If you would like commercial / distribution rights to an image please contact me.





Fat -Belly inflation -Hyper

Vore - Oviposition - excessive Blood/gore

Scat - Diaper - Watersports


This List can be extendet if i come across a fetish I don't know of yet. If you want something specific you can message me anytime and we'll work something out.

Of course this List is not to be seen as shaming of such fetishes - I respect them completely - but I don't feel comfortable drawing these. Uncomfy Artist = Bad drawings